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Welcome to the Trade Factor Group. It’s the quality of our people that makes us different. We are committed to technical and service excellence, trusted client relationships and exemplary project delivery.

Our group of companies include Trade Factor Civils, Trade Factor Fire, Trade Factor Media, Trade Factor Building, and Trade Factor Engineering. We are committed to delivering exceptional services and innovative solutions across all the companies within our group.

The Trade Factor Group

With our expertise and commitment to quality, the Trade Factor Group is your trusted
partner in achieving cost-effective project solutions. Our five expert companies
collaborate to offer rational project methodologies and exceptional service to our
valued clients.

We specialise in Foundation Works, Concrete Structures, and more. Our team ensures excellence in every project through our expertise, service and quality.

Enhance your fire safety with Trade Factor Fire. We offer expert installation, maintenance, and service for fire sprinklers, pumps, and tanks.

Trade Factor Building specialises in estimating and construction management of building projects ranging from residential, commercial and industrial. Trust us to deliver excellence.

Cost effective Project Management. Estimation, Procurement & Material Handling, Fabrication and Installation of Pipelines, Storage Tanks, Pressure Vessels & Structural Steel and Inspection by competent engineers according to the highest standards in the industry.

Empowering businesses through cutting-edge media solutions. We utilise the power of technology to elevate brands, tell compelling stories, and connect with audiences in innovative ways.

Our Dynamic Team

Our remarkable achievements are attributed to our extraordinary talents and collaborative efforts of our exceptional team. Trade Factor Group is comprised of a group of experts who share a common commitment to excellence, and it is this collective dedication that propels us towards achieving remarkable outcomes.

Within our team, you will discover a wide spectrum of professionals with unique skills and expertise. There are individuals who excel in strategic planning, meticulously overseeing all details. Additionally, we have skilled artisans who bring these strategies to life, and a dedicated group of professionals who ensure our clients’ needs are met with the utmost care and precision.

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