Who We Are

Welcome to the Trade Factor Group, where expertise meets excellence across a diverse range of industries. Our companies, Trade Factor Civils, Trade Factor Fire, Trade Factor Media, Trade Factor Building, and Trade Factor Engineering, are dedicated to delivering exceptional services and solutions. Trade Factor Civils brings architectural designs to life through our expertise in civil engineering, infrastructure development, project management, and construction. Trade Factor Fire ensures your safety with comprehensive fire protection services, including fire suppression systems, risk assessments, and safety training. Trade Factor Media helps businesses thrive in the digital era, specializing in vehicle branding, signage, hardware repair, and event branding. Trade Factor Building crafts inspiring spaces in residential and commercial projects, with meticulous attention to detail and high-quality constructions. Lastly, Trade Factor Engineering tackles engineering challenges across industries such as energy, manufacturing, and technology, collaborating with clients to develop innovative and sustainable solutions. Join us and experience the synergy of our expertise as we shape a better world together.

What we Do

The highlight the key advantages of our group services

Safety is paramount, and that’s where Trade Factor Fire steps in. We provide comprehensive fire protection services, including fire suppression systems, fire risk assessments, and fire safety training. Count on us to safeguard your property and keep your people safe.

Our Civil Engineering experts bring dreams to life, turning architectural designs into reality. With our expertise in infrastructure development, project management, and construction, we strive to create sustainable and efficient solutions that shape the world around us.

Engineering challenges are our specialty. Trade Factor Engineering provides innovative solutions across a wide range of industries, including energy, manufacturing, and technology. We collaborate with clients to develop groundbreaking ideas and turn them into practical, sustainable solutions.

With Trade Factor Building, we take pride in crafting spaces that inspire. From residential projects to commercial developments, our experienced team ensures that every detail is meticulously designed and executed, delivering high-quality constructions that stand the test of time.

In the era of digital transformation, Trade Factor Media helps businesses thrive in the competitive landscape. We specialise in vehicle branding, signage, hardware repair and event branding



Our Leadership

Meshen Pillay

Group CEO

Meshen held various senior positions at global financial institutions in multiple roles, the most proficient being project management. After ten years of being based in the United Kingdom, upon seeing the growth and diverse opportunities, which exist in our emerging economy, combined with a passion to lay his footprint into our developing nation returned to South Africa to add value and make a difference from skills he acquired abroad. Meshen as a proud South African chose to form a comprehensive operation in the construction sector, initially starting in general civil construction. Meshen embraced the journey of entrepreneurship with a confident attitude, a positive mindset and with hard work and tenacity, acquired the necessary skills set for his long-term passion in the industry.

After completing successful projects in the civil construction sector, Meshen diversified the groups portfolio by including commercial and private civil & building projects, comprehensive fire protection and mechanical engineering services.

Rishal Ramjee

Group CCO
Rishal has been working in the Property Development and Construction industry for the past 15 years. He started off as a Junior Quantity Surveyor at a large Building Contractor and Property Development company and worked himself up to Chief Quantity Surveyor and Project Manager. During his tenure there he was afforded the opportunity to work on billions of Rands of turnkey residential, industrial and commercial Developments in which he played a pivotal role. He has a proud history of successful Projects and has had an enormous amount of satisfied Clients, Tenants and Project Partners. He then went on to work for one of the largest urban regeneration Company’s in the country where he was directly involved in uplifting numerous commercial precincts including the Durban CBD. He also led large scale community upliftment projects to provide housing to abused women and children, taking them off the streets and into a secure environment.

With this mountain of experience behind him, Rishal has moved to the Trade Factor Group to diversify his skills and to provide leadership to the numerous teams within the Group. His aim is to develop and grow a multi-facetted and multi-disciplinary Group in which Clients and/or Partners can engage with to provide turnkey solutions to all industries.